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Since gasoline degrades over time, it’s possible that the reason your toro mower engine won’t start up is because of the fuel in the tank. It's about 10 years old.

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I can still crank it.

Toro lawn mower won't start when hot. Air filter blocked carburetor fault; If the starter motor is drawing too much juice it will cut. For a couple years now, the mower won't restart when hot if i have to stop & refill with gas, i.e., it's shut off for more than 5 minutes).

When air temperature dips below 50 degrees, your mower is harder to crank because the oil is a little thicker and might need a few extra poles to get started. Waiting 3 hours to cool down the mower will start again until stopping again. So you can clean out thee the carb paying particular attention to the float needle & seat and try again you can eliminate the coil as a problem by fitting an inline spark tester and seeing if you get a reliable spark when hot.

If it runs perfect and you can rev it up manually with finger on throttle on carb after it restarts then i say your carb jet is probably clear. I have to let it cool off for an hour or so. The spark plug is the most likely cause of a hot starting problem and is the most straightforward problem to solve.

If you face lawn mower only. If its a briggs its probly the thermostat behind the muffler that tensions up and controls the choke. I had this identical problem with my toro lawn mower.

Difficult hot starting is one of the indications of an over rich mixture it is also an indication of a failing coil. If the gas is older than 30 days, it has likely become stale and will not ignite to start the lawn mower. But the failing coil is not the only cause.

I have a similar problem. Common break down on toro briggs as well as others with this type engine. In my first passage, i told the leading causes in a nutshell.

Even after priming, it won't start. Using gas from the same can, it started today, but stopped midway through the yard. If the starter motor turns slowly like the battery is discharged , it could be a faulty winding.

Sears repair service replaced 5 coils in 2 weeks and gave up. After ten to fifteen minuets of running and stopping to empty grass bag the mower will not start. If it sits for a few hours it starts on the 1st pull again.

Though they appear so simple, you need to check all the issues. To see how to start your lawn mower in 5 minutes watch this: Why lawn mower will not begin when hot?

My mower starts on the 1st pull and i mow about a 3rd of my front yard before taking a break. A 1 year old toro lawnmower won't start. Some small engines use the same circuit running through the starter to the ignition system.

After cutting half the lawn the mower stops and will not restart. So without further talk, let’s get started. I had a tuneup for this problem not long ago.

It worked two weeks ago. According to serviceman no spark is created when it is hot. I bought a secondhand lawnmower the other day, it is a 11 year old masport 4 stroke.

Yours isn't getting enough fuel. Its not hard to figure out, pull the air filter and check to see if the choke is closed after hot shut down. It goes really well, starts first time, every time, two pumps of the primer and pull the cord, away she goes.

Mower won't start when hot. Another cause is a defective solenoid. “push mower hard to start when hot”.

The most common reason a toro mower won’t start is because of a dirty carburetor; When that happens, roll the mower into the sun and let it warm up. So, your toro lawn mower won’t start?

I need to let it set 15 minutes after stopping it to empty the trimming bag. Or check out the video here, it covers spark checking, diagnosing, and replacing the coil. Malfunctioning or sticky choke inside the carburetor.

Always started first pull when hot or cold. Jeff's little engine service show how to remove and clean the carburetor on a newer toro lawnmower with a 6.75 horse. He suggested replacing the engine (about $1600).

Now it takes a couple of pulls when it's cold, and won't start at all when it's hot. You have to check many issues like faulty plug cables, broken carburetor, and an overheating engine. It is often an indication of an over rich mixture, a failing coil, and/or damaged spark plug.

If your mower won’t start the cause could be the weather. When i come back in 15 minutes, it will not start. Using a simple test mentioned below, you can quickly check your ignition system and detect whether the coil is faulty or note.

Lawnmower won't restart when hot. Lawnmower won't start when hot! Sounds like your choke is shutting when the engine is stopped.

The mower won’t start without a spark on the plug. If your lawn mower will not start when hot it can be because of following possible causes: Toro lawn mower won’t start when hot.

It has oil in it, but not much. My less than one year old toro 22inch recycler lawn mower won't start.

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