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What is the best pump? The ultimate breast pump comparison finding the medela pump that best fits you and your unique life.

Medela Vs Spectra – What Is The Best Breast Pump – Youtube

The max flow tubing design is much better than the old pump in style design.

Medela pump in style advanced starter set vs spectra s1. The biggest differences in suction and vacuum between the spectra vs medela pumps are: The original pump in style advanced is an open system pump, which means milk occasionally gets into the tubing, which then needs to be washed. It attaches more securely to the pump and only has to be connected to the pump in one place, not in two.

Please leave any questions or reques. The hospital strength vacuum offers excellent suction. In depth comparison of the medela pump in style advanced vs the spectra s2.

The s2 weighs 3 pounds and the pump in style weighs 1 pound. If it is not easy to use, a pump may not be used effectively or even at all. When you look at the amount of time the battery lasts, the stats are less impressive.

The maximum amount of time you get from a full charge on the medela freestyle flex is two hours, which may not be enough for a long day at work. Many moms anecdotally report the spectra as being more comfortable, which is probably due to the “suckling” action vs the “sucking” action the medela pump does. The medela pump in style has hospital performance with preprogrammed speed and vacuum settings.

It’s much lighter than the pump in style. Money is tight when you have a baby on the way. The spectra s1, on the other hand, will provide up to three hours on a single charge.

Hospital performance (inspired by our symphony ®) in a highly effective, yet easy to use, personal use breast pump; The spectra s2 plus allows moms to adjust the suction speed and strength separately, making it easy to customize pumping sessions. Portability the s1 is particularly lightweight and portable

Pump in style with maxflow technology: Medela pump in style or spectra s2: The included accessories and battery pack outscore the weight comparison.

Efficient milk expression and clinically proven to increase milk volume by 11.8%^^^ I used a medela pump in style for years and thought it was fine. The spectra s2 is on the larger side and is bulkier than the medela pump in style.

It’s cheaper than the pump in style.

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