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Partway through a mow, it backfired and lost power. I was asking because i wasn't sure if i was looking at having to check (or reset the gap) or possibly replace a coil.

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Whether it be poor connections or a mechanical error, let’s explore why your john deere mower won’t start and just clicks.

John deere mower won't start when hot. Starts fine when it's cold; They both are experiencing a no start after an hour of run time during summer heat. With model number i can give you the specifications.

Also, make certain that the poles are connected in the proper place as this is a common issue. Just pull the choke and turn the key. John deere mower won't start when hot.

If you have spark and it will not start, squirt a little gasoline in the carburetor. Once it has cooled down sufficiently, it will start right up again. My sister and brother each own a john deere 485x.

My js60 would not prime and start and would intermittently run bad, sputter and die for no reason. It ran great but i noticed the altenator light was on when the clutch was engaged at. The bubble rate increased as the motor ran at operating temperature.

If it starts you have a fuel delivery problem, fuel pump maybe. It hasn't happened the last couple times she mowed, so i'm still monitoring it. Mower won't start when hot.

If your mower loses energy after which won’t restart, it might be because of grimy air filters. If it were a coil i would expect the engine to stop running when hot though. It wouldn't restart for about 5 minutes.

John deere 757 kawasaki 25hp starting problem. My neighbor checked the spark plug when the mower was hot, and found it had a small spark. 485x mower no start when warm.

Once it starts it uns fine. Also if it has coolant, check the level. If it is not working, a vacuum will build up in the tank and starve the engine of fuel.

Ran it for an hour cutting the grass and parked it. Mower won't start when hot. John deere mower won't start when hot.

That's why i'm sticking with vapor lock. John deere lt133 worked until a couple weeks ago. My sister gives hers an hour to sit.

This is a easy problem to check and fix. This mower had been sitting a while with 900 hrs on it. Mowing jd l130 won't start when warm.

I can mow with the machine for an hour and there are. Joined may 7, 2010 messages 22 location se wisconsin tractor kioti ck20, john deere l130 good morning i'm out of town and looking for areas to start when i get home and have a chance to look at the mower. John deere mowers are reliable, that is until they fail to start and simply click.

Occasionally it won't restart when hot. First check the vent in the gas cap. It wouldn't restart for about 5 minutes.

Make sure the filters are clean and in exact working order and attempt again. Once it has cooled down sufficiently, it will start right up again. Not so much in the fall of the year.

My brother claims he removes the air cleaner and cracks the fuel cap and his mower cranks a bit then starts. After it sits for a while the pressure will equalize and it will be able to get gas again. If it does not fire off and/or start i suggest you adjust the valves.

Hi everybody, first post but been reading threads here for a while. This can happen for several reasons, such as a loose battery or faulty solenoid. The gas line from the fuel tank to the pump had no visible air bubbles.

Darn thing won't start when it's warm. On trying to restart, more backfiring. My nephew called, saying the riding mower won't start after being shut off to empty the.

I always use fresh fuel, and earlier this year i added mechanic in a bottle, just to make sure the carb was clean. I documented how i fixed it and i hope it helps others out. It appeared to have been abused before getting rebuilt.

Eventually the bubbles replaced the gas and stalled the engine. As the motor got warmed up, air bubbles started coming out of the fuel pump to the carburetor. I have a john deere 50d and the machine runs great but when it gets hot or has run a while it wont start any ideas submitted:

Once it starts it uns fine. When the coil cools and contracts the broken winding's ends can close the circuit and it works again. That said, it could be a coil as an intermittent coil, one with a break in a winding, can open circuit when it gets hot and expands.

Hi, i been having problems with a briggs and stratton, 12.5hp, i/c series, on a riding mower. Also, make certain that the poles are connected in the proper place as this is a common issue. After i have been mowing for a while, if i have to turn it off, it will not restart.

If this changed into the trouble, it should start up once more easily. I had a jd repair kit for this mower anyway, so i started by replacing fuel filter, replacing spark plug (gapped according to jd specification:

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