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The use of words in an imaginative and unusual manner. Examples of this idiom in movies & tv shows:

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“jump the shark” isn’t a sports idiom — there’s no event that requires a participant to jump over a shark, and the presence of the verb “jump” doesn’t automatically render this a sports idiom.

Get a head start idiom. What is the meaning of the idiom have a head start? Get a head start (on sth) theme: British english has the informal idiom to get your head around something, which means to succeed in understanding it.

We will need those pretty soon. To obtain an early start usually in a competitive situation home search Terms in this set (31) across the board.

Each idiom or expression has a definition and two example sentences to help understanding of these common idiomatic expressions with 'head.' able to do something standing on one's head definition: A level playing field means everyone starts at the same level She gave him a cold shoulder when he asked for her phone number.

© 2015 farlex, inc, all rights reserved. Get a head start idiom(s): Get something off my chest:

Talking over my problem with my close friend was a. * a head start (on something) an early start on something [before someone else starts]. What is the meaning and origin of.

Textbook english get started early on the ads. Take a look at more idioms with. What do you mean, ragged?

You laughed your head off when i tripped! An advantage that someone has over other people in something such as a competition or race: Idiom get a head start on getting the ads ready.

Get a head start / have a head start / give a head start to start or allow someone else to start before everyone else. It will probably take a month of working at my new job before. Give an arm and a leg:

You’re a sight for sore eyes! What does get a head start mean? Get a head start means to start something earlier.

The experience gave him the advantage over me Death hunt (1981) time of scene: Get into the full swing e.

You have a lot of potential for a rookie, but damn you’re ragged. You've got a head start over/on others trying to get the job because you've got relevant work experience. Jennifer better step up her game if she wants to make big in basketball.

An advantage that someone has over other people in something such as a competition or race: Your browser doesn't support html5 audio. Get~ have ~ givesomeone ~.) i was able to get a head start on my reading during the holidays.

I felt better getting it off my chest by confessing that i stole the money. We will need then early. You’ve got a head start over / another’s trying to get the job because you’ve got relevant work experience.

• if i hadn't had a head start, i'd be behind in my reading. To laugh your head off is to laugh a lot, loudly: They gave the walkers a head start in the run for cancer.

To start performing better example: A favorable or promising beginning. Don always gets a head start and wakes up at dawn.

Idioms are used as a figurative language, i.e. • i was able to get a head start on my reading during the holidays. Get a head start e.g.

Do something very easily and without effort Give it your best shot: A weight off your shoulders;

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