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Start the vehicle and leave it. Put a new battery in it.

5 Reasons Cars Need To Be Jump Started Sometimes – Driving Life

Replaced the tp sensor but the car is still turning off after 2 seconds.

Car jump starts but wont stay running. The other possibility would be one of the cam position sensors not working, possibly because of oil contamination in the connector plug. It can start with a jump, but if left to idle the engine stops soon after the cables are removed. Videos you watch may be added to the tv's.

Maybe try a hard reset by removing both batt cables and touching them to each other (leaving battery out of this mix with engine off) for about 15 seconds. If you unplug the maf sensor, it should allow the engine to receive a default value into the ecu & the engine will run. There can be numerous other reasons why your car won’t start after a jump, many of which have nothing to do with your battery, alternator, and starter.

A whirring sound can be heard coming from the engine when the fuel pump is working correctly. If it doesn't run after a jump, and the battery isn't bad, the something in your charging system isn't functioning properly. Car starts but won't stay running, rpm up and down !

So the old dead battery goes back into the car, and i check the fuses and everything looks fine so far. I had to work so after work i went and got a new battery installed it and then all of a sudden the car starts for 2 seconds and shuts down unless i keep my foot on the gas pedal then it runs. 2000 5.7 starts fine , idles fine few seconds then slowly idles to 300 rpm and sometimes dies.

Acura, honda, lexus, toyota, if playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Because you disconnected the battery you lost the long trim value,you will now have to relearn the idle,start the vehicle idle it to 1500 rpm,hold for a minute,idle should stabilize,turn on a/c let it idle,for a minute,now your done, Either the fuel filter is clogged, or the pump quits because the oil pressure switch is faulty.

I go to disconnect the jumper cables and car dies. Sounds like if auto your tcc solenoid could be sticking for the tq converter. This component helps the engine to protect itself and prevent its performance from getting by the engine temperature.

You may have a problem beyond your starting system: Now it starts but won't run? Car obviously wont start so i try to jump it so i can get it up my driveway as this point the car is parked on the street.

The second problem could be that your alternator is bad and not charging your battery , in this case you will need to replace your alternator. If you jump it due to low or dead battery it will not stay running until it has full voltage even when at low idle. Also check if your alternator is putting out 13.8v at idle.

Gm 408 ls with nw dbw tb and 58x and terminator x max starts, but won't stay running. If it manages to stay running it will slowly get better then crap out again in 5. If this pump fails, the engine will not receive enough fuel to keep it running after starting.

New everything to do with code p0113 Do not replace stator or r/r just yet. I would look at an electronic reason as to why the car is stopping.

If the car runs and functions normally and the battery does not go dead you just found the problem. Reply to doctor automotive's post: Cool car starts and i let it charge up for about 10 min.

The ect (engine coolant temperature) sensor is here to send information about the engine’s temperature to the ecu to adjust the mixture of air and fuel. I jumped the car and the engine would start as long as i kept giving it gas and kept the key turned. I believe i followed the instructions correctly.

I used a multimeter to check the battery, and when the engine is pushed to 2000 rpm, the battery jumps from 12v to 14v (pretty sure that means the alternator works). A faulty electric fuel pump is also a problem limited to cars with a fuel injection system. I can fire it up, and it seems to start every time, but it runs for 2 or 3 seconds and then stalls.

I left the lights on in my jeep wrangler and the car wouldn’t start. Do this quick test… unhook the hot lead from the alternator and then hook up your charged battery. Be sure the hot lead cannot or will not ground itself as it is a direct connection to the positive terminal…but easy to do just for a quick test.

Your mechanic can diagnose the exact cause of the problem. That switch is tied into the pump circuit, keeps the pump running after the engine is running. And you will notice that car starts but won’t stay running unless the foot is on gas.

But once the engine is left to idle, it dies and needs another jump. If pressure drops below 40 after it starts, then you know it was a fuel problem. Had to jump start battery engine wont stay running.

No fuel in gas tank. The car should start immediately when it is jumped and it should stay running. If fuel pressure stays good, maybe problem is in the ignition system.

No, it was starting rough, the battery was the original which is 6 years old. Once i took my foot of the gas the car died again.

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