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Conventional wet shaving gives the closest shave possible with the very least irritation to your skin. Readying for a safety razor shave is no different than prepping for a cartridge shave.

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The best way we have found is to hold the razor with the handle sticking out perpendicular to your face, and as you slide the razor gently down your face i sharpen the angle so the blade edge nears the hair.

How to shave with a double edge safety razor. That provides the ability to shave with one side of the razor and spin in 180 degrees and use the other side. Shaving with a double edge safety razor should be a pleasure and not a chore to perform the shave, first shower or hold a hot wet towel to the face; The techniques used with a double edge razor is very similar to how you are probably already shaving with a disposable cartridge razor.

We will focus on the double edge safety razor because that's what i use as my daily head shaver. The double edge safety razor gives you more versatility and control. Just remember the trick is prevention.

We have discussed before that cartridge razors and safety razors are not mutually exclusive. You can start your shave on whichever part of the face you prefer but most guys naturally start at the top of the cheekbone on the same side as the dominant hand. Today’s cartridge razors are actually an evolution of safety razors, but most “avid shavers” (men who find satisfaction in shaving) will make the terms mutually exclusive to distinguish between the two.

Prepare for the shave by softening your hair and skin with hot water. When you do the pass, you want to be very gentle on the skin. Shave straight down, about an inch for each stroke.

For the sake of economy, i went with a. The double edge is a single blade again, but both sides are sharp. You’ll hear what the right angle is once you do the pass.

Shaving hair off your skin with a razor requires you to shave at the correct angle with the proper amount of pressure. Double edge razor shaving techniques. The side you choose to shave with is totally up to you.

The following alternative options exist for the flying wet shaver. Doctorshave) takes you through th. Read more on razor hygiene.

You need to soften the skin and whiskers with warm. With the quality that is met in today’s double edged safety razors, you should be able to use one for many, many years with proper care. This requires a different sort of head, a different technique, and a different feel.

Nothing surpasses the gratification of a traditional wet sh Years ago, barbers were the shavers. Tilt the razor down until the blade comes in contact with the skin.

Spend a few minutes in a hot shower, or run a face towel under hot water and hold it to the skin for a minute. Prepare the skin as usual. You can get one of these from many places.

A good quality shaving soap will help to lubricate your face and soften your hair. Application with a badger haired brush will also align your hairs and improve your shave. Fill your shaving bowl or mug with hot tap water to warm the ceramic.

Hold the razor at 40° angle from your skin. The se is held at a different angle than the de. Brian mulreany of executive shaving (aka.

Feel free to flip the razor over to use any side needed to get to all those hard to reach spots. This softens the outer layer of hair allowing for an easier cut. An introduction to wet shaving and how to shave with a double edge safety razor.

Keep a regular cleaning schedule to prevent any tarnish or gunk buildup in the first place.

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