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The scope swings to the left like they used to do with tope eject rifles or to use the sights if needed. First things first you’ll have to cut out the side of your mosin’s stock for room for the mount, see the picture above.

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It covers drilling and tapping the receiver for the picatinny rail and bolt handle

How to mount a scope on a mosin nagant. This is mostly shot from bench, so no hurry. Here at jmeck scope mounts we offer two different models of mosin nagant scope mounts. Get a full mosin pu sniper scope and mount kit here.

If playback doesn't begin shortly, try. But don’t let this put you off, though; The jmecks mount uses a band to attach the scope mount to the mosin nagant rifle, similar to the method used to attach the rear sight to the chinese t53 mosin nagant variant.

Scope mount assembly hardware and detailed instructions included. Also, the actual screw mount offers. The mosin nagant sniper model historically used the pu sniper scope.

Step one was to change the bolt. The only con is the absence of an installation guide in the package. Now jjfuller1, the bolt handle has plenty of room.i could take a better pic afterwhile.

Fits round or octagonal receivers rifles or carbines. Putting a scope on a rifle designed in the late 1891 can be difficult. This article focuses on the often overlooked scope mount for the mosin nagant rifle.

Gardex the scope is not on the bolt. In fact, rarely do russians build a weapon that is optics ready, and often have to accommodate these weapons with side mounts. Bore sight the rifle by and adjust the set screws on the rail until the scope’s cross hairs are near the center of the bore.

This scope mount allows a scope to be mounted over the mosin nagant rifle receiver. This is a pretty reliable and very affordable scope that can be found in most sporting goods aisles or stores. On some rifles you heat and bend the bolt.

There are three main parts to installing this kit. Usually the holes are filled in from the factory when they were refurbished. The bolt, the mount itself, and modifying the stock to accept the new mount.

The first issue is that this particular scope mount has to be drilled into your receiver which may be problematic if you want to keep your weapon in pristine condition. This a.5.10.2281 ati mosin nagant scope mount kit is weaver style made from military type iii hard anodized, 6061 t6 aluminum. The price paid, however, is the effort required to get the unit attached.

You’ll see the best scope mount for this rifle and everything in between. For this process, you may need to remove the scope, adjust the set screws and then place the scope back on the rail. As many shooters will know, scopes are a.

Remove the bolt and place your scope on the rifle and gently snug the rail mount rings onto your rail. This gives clearance from the bolt handle to the scope. In my opinion this is the best option for a scope mount on to a mosin nagant.

One of the more expensive rear sight mount options, this mount attaches to the pin holes on the mosin nagant rear sight base rather than the 3/8” dovetail, and so is a better choice for serious accuracy. Up next is the mount and scope. While the mosin nagant was not designed with an optic in mind, the russians found a way to add a scope.

That meant i needed to move the scope mount back a bit to try and compensate. Jmecks sent us a scope mount to test and it is in our review queue. The before picture of the mosin nagant bolt.

The jmecks mount uses a band to attach the scope mount to the mosin nagant rifle, similar to the method used to attach the rear sight to the chinese t53 mosin nagant variant. How to install a scope on a 1891/30 mosin nagant by removeing rear sight for 52 dollars. You can remedy this by twisting the bolt handle and using a particular type of mount known as “scout mount.”.

Ati mosin nagant scope mount.

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